My blog is just pictures of the bands I love!

Though my favorite bands are Dio, Cinderella, Iron Maiden, Scorpions, and Judas Priest! So I'll be posting a lot of them! :)

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Marc Bolan never got his drivers license due to the extreme fear that he would die prematurely in a car crash. He had a passion for cars, but never drove one himself. He was a kind, generous man who was full of life and loved to laugh. 

On this day, September 16th, Marc Bolan died in a tragic car accident that took his life prematurely at the age of 29, two weeks before his 30th birthday. Gloria Jones, his girlfriend at the time, was driving them home when she lost control of the car. It crashed into a steel reinforced chain link fence before coming to a stop against a sycamore tree. Marc was killed instantly, while Gloria suffered a broken arm and jaw. She did not know that Marc had died until the day of his funeral. 

He left behind his girlfriend, Gloria Jones, who he had planned on marrying, and his 2 year old son, Rolan. In Marc’s memory, they launched the Marc Bolan School of Music and Film in Sierra Leone, where each child is nurtured and encouraged to have faith in their own abilities, so that they can grow in the best possible way as people and musicians. 

"I want to give every child the chance to dance"

RIP Marc Bolan: Septemeber 30th, 1947 - September 16th, 1977

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Happy Birthday Snake!!!!♥♥♥

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These loves my absolute favorite band EVER! No band could be better! <3 I have never seen this picture! :D

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Ronnie and Rowan

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Dave Murray & Dennis Stratton from IRON MAIDEN, 1980…

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very young Janick Gers

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A question to my followers (or anyone really)- When you look at my blog is there anything wrong with my background (I’d appreciate it if someone would tell me, because I’d like to know if it looks right when most people see it. Thanks!)?

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